End of Life Plan For Health Care Professionals

Patients can live with end stage kidney disease for a long time. However, it is a life-limiting disease and plans should be made for the end of life.

GFR 15 - 10 | Slow Decline | Last 0-5 years of life

Even after the choice for conservative kidney management is made, you may need to continue to discuss the patient’s understanding of their disease and prognosis.

GFR 10 - 5 | Deteriorating | Last 0-3 years of life

As your patient’s chronic kidney disease progresses and their condition deteriorates, it is important to start discussing his or her wishes for end of life care. This might include asking them where they would like to receive end of life care, helping them with advance care planning, and preparing them for what they can expect in the dying process.

GFR 5 - 0 | Intensive/Near Death | Last 0-2 months of life

At this time, you will likely assist with implementing the patient’s end of life care plan. This may include supporting the patient and family at home or facilitating a transfer to another location of care, such as hospice. Good symptom control will be particularly important. Consider contacting a Palliative Care specialist if you require assistance.

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