For information regarding the CKM Pathway, the provided resources and materials, or the project in general, please contact the CKM Team directly:

For information regarding individual patient healthcare concerns, direct questions to the patient's healthcare provider or team.

To contact homecare (Community Care Access) call:

  • North Zone: 1-855-371-4122
  • Edmonton Zone: 780-496-1300
  • Central Zone: 1-855-371-4122
  • Calgary Zone: 403-943-1920
  • South Zone: 1-866-388-6380

To find community and social services in a specific part of the province, call: 2-1-1

To contact HealthLink, call 8-1-1

To request peer support for patients or family members through the Kidney Foundation, call 1-866-390-PEER (7337)

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