Materials Available through DATA Group

While Conservative Kidney Management materials may always be printed from, they can also be ordered through DATA Group.

The following tools are available through DATA Group:

Document NameForm ## of Pages,
Patient Symptoms - Pain1048192, Black & White$4.15 (25/pk)
Patient Symptoms - Tiredness1048202, Black & White$4.15 (25/pk)
Patient Symptoms - Itch1048211, Black & White$3.64 (25/pk)
Patient Symptoms - Nausea & Vomiting1048222, Black & White$4.15 (25/pk)
Patient Symptoms - Restless Legs1048232, Black & White$4.15 (25/pk)
Patient Symptoms - Feeling Short of Breath1048242, Black & White$4.15 (25/pk)
Patient Symptoms - Sleep 1048252, Black & White$4.15 (25/pk)
Patient Symptoms - Swelling1048261, Black & White$3.64 (25/pk)
Patient Symptoms - Constipation1049882, Black & White$4.12 (25/pk)
Patient Brochure1048278, Black & White$14.27 (25/pk)
Patient Brochure104827B8, Colour$26.49 (25/pk)
Patient Booklet10482864, Colour$88.36 (25/pk)
Patient Crisis Action Plan1048292, Black & White$4.15 (25/pk)
Health Care Professional Crisis Action Plan1049021, Colour$5.25 (25/pk)
Patient Pathway: Choosing Conservative Management1048301, Colour$5.56 (25/pk)
Preparing for End of Life1048312, Black & White$4.15 (25/pk)
Conservative Kidney Management Bookmark104939Colour$2.73 (25/pk)

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