When Should I Consider Making a Referral to Home Care / Palliative Home Care?

  • Environmental assessment/equipment needs
  • Concerns regarding medication adherence
  • Concerns regarding caregiver burnout
  • Cognitive decline
  • Recent fall(s)
  • Complex psychosocial needs
  • Requiring increased assistance with ADLs

The patient must give permission for you to make a referral. Patients may be reluctant to consider homecare at first; it may be helpful to start talking about the availability of homecare services long before the patient even requires them. Homecare involvement can even start with just a basic assessment for equipment needs.

  • Recent hospitalizations/EMS activation
  • Symptom management, particularly:
    • Breathlessness
    • Pain
    • Restlessness/Agitation
    • Nausea and Vomiting
    • Edema
  • Need for assistance with end of life planning
  • Potential prognosis of less than 6-12 months or a GFR of less than 10

If you are submitting a referral to homecare for a patient and are recommending palliative homecare, please discuss this recommendation with the patient and family as well. Palliative homecare teams specialize in symptom management and planning for the end of life.

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