Lipids Guideline


Guiding Principles

CKD is associated with abnormalities of lipid metabolism. CKD patients are typically initiated on a HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitor (statin) with the intention of lowering their risk of cardiovascular related mortality and morbidity.

Lipid levels are not usually monitored after this initial intervention.

GFR 15 - 5 | Slow Decline/Deteriorating | Last 0-5 years of life

Patients will not likely receive any benefit from remaining on statins in the last few years of life; some research even suggests an improvement in quality of life from stopping statins. In line with a conservative care philosophy of decreasing therapeutic burden, it is recommended that care providers, in discussion with the patient, discontinue statins for CKM patients at this stage.

GFR 5 - 0 | Intensive/Near Death | Last 0-2 months of life

If not discontinued already, statins should now be stopped.

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