Interactive Clinical Assessment

Select the symptoms, CKD guidelines, and clinical/overall status which are most relevant to your patient's care. To assess your patient's functional status, consider using the Dalhousie University: Clinical Frailty Scale.

How would you describe your patient's health? Select which description best matches your patient:
  • GFR 15-10
  • Able to care for most needs but requires occasional assistance.
  • GFR 10-5
  • Needs considerable assistance and frequent medical care.
  • GFR 5-0
  • Is in bed or lying down much of the time.
Select the symptoms your patient may be experiencing:

To assess your patient's symptoms, consider using either the ESAS:r-Renal or the IPOS-Renal

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Management Guidelines:

Select any CKD Management Guideline(s) which may be relevant to your patient's care:

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