It’s common to feel tired when you have chronic kidney disease. This is a kind of fatigue that no matter how much rest or sleep you get, you still have no energy to do much else. Fatigue can have many causes, including low iron or vitamin D, and a build-up of toxins in your body caused by your failing kidneys. There’s no easy way to deal with fatigue. Instead, you may want to try different ways to try to improve or save your energy—you may need to be a bit creative in how you go about your day.

Your healthcare team may be able to help you apply for a parking placard so you won’t have to walk as far from the car. You may also be able to get home collections for your labwork.

  • Exercise can help (speak with your care provider).
  • Ask your care provider about an eating plan that’s best for you. You can ask for a referral to a dietitian.
  • Relaxation therapy, stress management techniques. Ask if someone on your healthcare team can help you get started.
  • Try complimentary treatments, such as acupressure or acupuncture.
Daily Living
  • Sit down to bathe.
  • Wear a terry bathrobe to dry off. Install grab rails in the bathroom.
  • Place chairs around your home so you can stop and rest (for example, at the top and bottom of the stairs).
  • Don’t wait until you are tired to rest.
  • Spread tasks over the week.
  • Do housework sitting down if possible (for example, sit down to iron).
  • Ask someone to help you with shopping and laundry.
  • Drag or slide heavy items instead of lifting them.
  • Keep a small trash can in each room.
  • Organize your list by aisle.
  • Use a grocery cart for support.
  • Shop at less busy times.
  • Ask for help bringing your groceries to the car.
Meal Preparation
  • Prepare meals sitting down.
  • Soak dishes instead of scrubbing and let dishes air dry.
  • Make double portions and freeze half.
  • Keep items you use often near you and in easy reach (for example, keep a plate, cup, and cutlery on the counter)
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