Crisis Management for Healthcare Professionals

While it is not possible to plan for every possible situation, the following crisis management measures are recommended:

  1. Communication between healthcare professionals

  2. Advance Care Planning (including the Goals of Care Designation Order)

    Patients should have a Green Sleeve with a documented decision for CKM. The GCD Order should clearly state that the patient has chosen not to have dialysis. The patient and family should know where to keep it (on or near the fridge) and they should bring it with them to any medical appointments or if they have to go to the hospital.

    Sample GCD sticker (click sticker to download a copy):

  3. Community Supports (eg. Home Care) in place

  4. Discuss and create a Crisis Action Plan with your patient, so they know who to call and what medications can be taken for symptom management.

Remember that EMS Assess, Treat, and Refer is available across the province – EMS can provide care in the community in order to facilitate timely symptom management and to avoid undesirable transfers to acute care for patients who wish to remain at home.

Healthcare providers can also access urgent nephrology or palliative care consult services via RAAPID:

North: 1-800-282-9911 or 780-735-0811
South: 1-800-661-1700 or 403-944-4486

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